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Some of the main benefits

• Category F 6(2) Immigration Permit gives you, a Non-EU national, the right to permanently reside in Cyprus.
• Exemption from immigration entry procedures (i.e. no need to obtain a Visitor’s Visa).
•  The applicant’s family (married spouse, children under the age of 18 and any financially dependent children under the age of 25) can also benefit from obtaining the PRP.
• As of February 2016, the applicant’s parents and parents in-law can also obtain the PRP as dependents.

Terms & Conditions

Applicants must:
• Purchase one or two new properties in Cyprus with the total purchase cost of at least €300,000 (excluding VAT). These properties can be 2 residences, or 1 residence and 1 office, or 1 residence and 1 shop. At least €200,000 of the purchase cost must be settled.
• Have a secure and steady source of income transferred on a regular basis from abroad to a bank operating in Cyprus. This income must originate from other sources other than employment in Cyprus. These funds need to be deposited in a 3-year Fixed Deposit Account.
• Confirm that he/she will not will or be engaged in any form of business in Cyprus.
• Visit Cyprus at least once every 2 years.
• Have a clean criminal record from Country of origin.
• Submit a copy of their Birth Certificate.
• Submit a copy of their Passport.
• Submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV).
• Submit a Medical Insurance Certificate with their application.
• All applications are reviewed by the Civil Registry and Migration Department and approval is granted by the Ministry of Interior.
• The time needed to process applications is 2 months.

How we can help you

• Offer consultation on the requirements of the application process to make this process as smooth as possible for you
• Assist in drafting the required documents
• Assist with the legal overview of the purchase agreement of the immovable properties and/or other relevant documentation
• Assist with due diligence in relation to real estate
• Examination of the tax implications in relation to the investment made
• Review of the application to ensure that all documentation meets necessary quality standards
• Submit the complete application to the relevant authorities
• We will become the liaison with the relevant authorities during their review of the application
• Monitor the status of the application and brief you accordingly
• Escort you and your dependents to the Civil Registry and Migration Department

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